What do the advert icons mean?

We use advert icons to provide a quick guide to the features of a property. Here's a guide to what they mean and some examples of the type of icons we use:

 Bids accepted from homeseekers only

Bids accepted from Transferring Tenants only

  Bids accepted from both Homeseekers and Transferring Tenants

 Property has one bedroom

   Property is suitable for three to four people

  Property is on the ground floor

 Property is on the fourth floor

 The property has a lift

 The property does not have a lift

 The property is restricted to those over the age of 60.

Suitable for someone who uses a wheelchair indoors and outdoors on a permanent basis

Suitable for someone cannot manage stairs or steep gradients and who requires a wheelchair for outdoors mobility

Suitable for someone who is mobile but can only manage one or two steps or stairs