How to Apply

To apply, you need to complete our online application form. This will let you know whether you are eligible to apply and what housing options are best for you.

Who can apply

Not everyone is eligible to apply. You must have a right to reside in the UK - without this, you are not eligible for housing.

Generally speaking, to be able to join Sussex Homemove, you will need to qualify to join the housing register in the area you are applying to. 

Applicants without a local connection to the area you are applying to, usually would not qualify. In some areas, applicants whose household income exceeds a certain threshold, home owners or those who have a history of rent arrears or anti-social behaviour may not qualify - see the Housing Allocations Policies for each Council for more details.

To make an application apply here

Supporting information

You will be expected to provide supporting information when you submit your application. The online application form will tell you what you need to send and where to send it. If you do not send the information we ask for, your application will not be accepted and you will not be able to 'bid' for housing.

Help with your application

If you need help with your housing application or if you are not able to use the online form for whatever reason, please contact your local authority for more advice.

What to do if you are not happy with a decision

If you are not happy with a decision that we make, you can ask us to review the decision.